Sharing the Heart

Sharing the heart is a way for me to connect you with various places that my heart is connected to, that could use support! These are just the usual places that I find I desire to give to and share the love with…


Ronald McDonald House of Ft Worth – They can always use house items and they have a link on their wRMHFWlogo_stacked-web-blue-01ebsite to their Amazon account wish-list! We stayed at the RMH for many weeks during our journey. They were a God send and we were so thankful for this refuge.

We COLLECT TABS! We will drop them off for you in Ft. Worth or you can donate locally to the RMH of Amarillo.



Cook Children’s Medical Center– Cook Children’s Medical Center is where we received all of Noah’s treatment and care. We personally take items to the CVICU when we can.


Here is a list of items that we like to donate:
-baby socks
-travel size toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick, etc)
-spiral notebook journals
-ballpoint pens
-brand new stuffed animals (not used at all)
-baby caps
-coloring books
-Jesus Calling Devotional books
We also like to take Rice Krispy Treats to the staff. We take homemade, but taking them pre made and boxed would work great too!


Since Noah’s death we have also come across these amazing organizations that are focused on sharing love, fostering hope and finding the heart in us all.

Morning Star Project– The Morning Star Project is an orphanage (there are a couple), the main one being in China. They take in very ill and abandoned children who have heart defects and other birth defects. They also help families in those countries find funding for life saving operations that their children need. I love keeping up with these kiddos and watching them find forever homes as well as life giving surgeries. Some do pass away and I am thankful to connect with the director, via Instagram to just find common ground. She is not their mother, but she might as well be as she takes care of these precious heart warriors. Funds donated go to directly help with food,(special formula that heart babies need), surgeries, supplies for the orphanage, etc. morning-star-logo

Amarillo Angels– this local ministry/non-profit is close to our heart! We are a part of a “Love Box” group who is supporting a foster family here in town. The Love Box ministry is just a part of the overall ministry at Amarillo Angels. They are established to help the fostering community. They help support foster families, children in foster care, etc. We are so thankful to be connected to Gwen Hicks and all she is doing to support this community through Amarillo Angels. They can always use help! 5263_700x263