My Heart

Hello! If you’re visiting this page, then you have at least a small amount of interest in what is happening here and what God is doing with #findingtheheart.

I’m thankful you are here and I want to share with you some of the things that I love.

IMG_9238.jpgIf you have read the post Finding Your Heart, you’ll know that part of #findingtheheart in your life is to first find who you are. In my life, and my experience, the only way to find your life is to know Jesus. If that is something that does not interest you, I understand, but I pray that you, at some point, find the freedom and joy in that relationship. I am always here to visit with anyone about that. So, knowing Christ is central to my heart.

Christ has been with me since I was 7 years old and has been the driving force behind most anything I have done or accomplished. I have done some stupid things and he certainly was not the driving force behind those. My selfishness was. He still used those things, thankfully, for his bigger plan.

So with all of that said, he is my heart and my life, but he also made me to enjoy things in this life and I want to share some of those things with you here!

I so enjoy my family!
Time with my girls, doing girly things…nails, hair, some shopping!
Hobby Lobby
I wish I could give gifts to people all the time. The thing called money gets in the way.
I love worship, leading worship, church music and being involved in it.
I must have a comfortable and cozy home. IMG_9404.jpg
I savor good food, scratch made especially, and I love heritage in cooking/baking/memory making.
I enjoy fun, laughing, easy going friend time.
I love love rich discussion over a good cup of coffee with a sister in Christ.
I enjoy arts and crafts when I have the space, money and time. (just being honest, man) ha!
I devour homemade breads.
Traditions/celebrations/reasons to throw a party, I don’t know any boundaries. haha
I love ministry. I love helping people and encouraging them to be who God has called them to be.
I want to love gardening and have tried it before. I am capable, but need to work on my dedication. haha
I like booksIMG_9383.jpg
I enjoy a good lifestyle/home/women’s magazine
Pretty flowers
house plants
expressing myself
learning to like the outdoors/activity
natural light
bright colors
and so many things… I could go on for awhile.

I hope to share with you all some of each of these things I enjoy/love and if there is something you want to share I am up for new things!!! Share away!

Let’s find the heart of life together and enjoy the journey!