Broken Hearts

Have you experienced child-loss? Do you know someone who has suffered the death of a child? This page will soon house resources (nationally and locally) to help you in the process of walking through grief.

I am personally here, as well, for anyone walking through this nightmare of a time. I want to extend my love and support, prayers and listening ear for anyone who needs it.  

I am available in my office at Family Life Fellowship Church
3900 SW 58th Ave
Amarillo, TX

Please reach out.


Grief Share – www.griefshare.orggs_metallic
This is a nationally known grief ministry that offers local groups (I can connect you with one) or you can receive daily emails of encouragement and wisdom to help you walk through grief. They are Bible based, Christian centered grief support and I encourage you to check it out.


Mended Little Hearts – Angels

This Facebook group has been a huge support for me and I know you will find community and love here. This is a group for moms/dads who have lost their child to a Congenital Heart Defect. Here you will find love and support through all the seasons of grief, help with remembering dates, honoring your child’s life and keeping their memory alive. Check it out.



The Will to Choose– Precious website/story/ministry. You just have to check it out to undertsand!