We’re Still Here…

How are you all doing? We are still here and life is still going on, day after day. If I’m being entirely honest, I am enjoying this time. I am truly enjoying being home with my girls, we are working out our school stuff each day with the help and direction of our amazing school district, teacher and school staff. They have been amazing. 3rd grade and pre-k 3 looks really different right now, but it is working and we are learning and even thriving in our current situation. So thank you to all of our teachers!

Our day to day life looks a lot the same each day and yet there are days that look really different. Most week days we have a morning schedule and then the afternoons are flex. This week the first two days were cold outside, snowy and so we stayed cozy and pretty relaxed. School happened, things got accomplished, but we also had some good down time. Yesterday the sun came out and things got a bit warmer, but we’re not back to having school on the patio yet. Can’t wait for that again. Yesterday brought with it some laziness on my part. School got accomplished and then the girls vegged out to movies and I vegged out to my own viewing of Victoria (Masterpiece Classic, third time through all three seasons haha) I felt kind of guilty about being so lazy from 1:30-4:00pm but then again, we had gotten our stuff done and so we enjoyed ourselves.

There are things I thought I would do every day, but haven’t. There are things I thought I wouldn’t do and have done them. I thought I would take a walk every day. Nope. I thought I would not be able to handle being at home all day every day with the kids. Well, here I am. haha! Some days are better than others, but we’re doing fine! If anything, we’re doing great! Things aren’t always easy and we’ve had to implement some boundaries and rules that didn’t exist before, but we’re good and we’re healthy, provided for and we’re learning, resting, playing, laughing, writing letters and cards, playing games, snuggling, sleeping great, thinking of projects we want to do, doing the projects we can, and so on.

I suppose I am not really writing this for anyone other than myself. I can look back and see that we were enjoying and thriving during this odd time in history.





Keep hanging in there, friends! He’s got this and there is always a way to find the heart of any season we’re in!


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