Sweet & Savory

Years ago, when Ava was a baby, I was staying at home with her and we hadn’t even had Noah yet, I started a side hustle/blog called Sweet & Savory. It was a blog dedicated to cooking through my Mimi’s recipes. She had just passed away and I was enjoying going through her recipe cards and making some of my favorites. Well, we ended up having quite the adventure with Noah and then when he passed away, life just looked and felt so different. I didn’t really pick it back up. I occasionally would visit the blog and wonder if maybe I could come back to it, but the time never felt right, I was too lazy or I would plain forget when I would actually decide to make something.

Fast forward almost a decade and I’m sitting here in the middle of a global pandemic. I am at home with both girls, we are cooking so much more than we were, and I am getting creative again. So, instead of reviving an entire blog, I thought I would just write them here and have fun with it! Finding the Heart of every day life can look like making home made dinner rolls or a coconut cake. Or perhaps, finding the heart of it all would be simply eating it once someone else has made it. Either way, I find cooking to be fun, a challenge at times, a way to love my people, and a creative outlet.

So, here we go! Today’s Sweet & Savory segment is Dinner Rolls. They are going alongside Mimi’s mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes and corn or green beans. I’ll save the meatloaf for later. I think it was an original post on the old blog, actually. Such a classic.


Mimi’s Dinner Rolls
makes 12-18 rolls

        1 pkg yeast
        1 C warm water
Stir in:
        2 Tbs Sugar
        1 tsp Salt
        1 1/4 C sifted flour

Beat until smooth.
         1 egg
          2 Tbs soft shortening
Beat in:
          1 1/4 C sifted flour

Scrape down sides of bowl and let rise 45 minutes.
Roll out and cut rolls.
Let rse another 30-40 minutes.
Bake at 400º for 12-15 minutes


I suppose there is something about making my own bread that makes me feel accomplished. It’s comforting. I remember learning how to knead dough with Mimi, the smell of yeast, the waiting for the dough to rise, cutting out rolls with a kitchen glass. Being in the kitchen can easily pull me back to childhood, simplicity and the way Mimi would make anyone feel warm, welcome and full, anytime they came into her home. 🙂

What are some things that bring you comfort during crazy times? What are some ways that once the busy season dies down, forced or not, you tend to your heart? Do you journal, take walks, pray, paint, write, cook or bake, play an instrument, listen to music, etc? I would suggest figuring out what you enjoy, especially during this season, and DO IT! Don’t wait. Now is the time to experiment and try new things. Or, perhaps, it is time to pick something back up. You have a talent or hobby that you put away because you were too busy. Get it back out and give it a shot.

Let us know what you have going on! I would love to see your gifts, talents, hobbies and ideas!

Keep pushing through these times, but also, soak up all you can as we get this amazing time to prioritize, rest, create, and discover.



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