Finding the Heart of Lent

Lent is not something I grew up observing. I was never very interested in it honestly, until I was.  I mean, nothing really drew me to it, until it did. Does that make any sense at all? If I’m being real honest, I think I thought, if I can add God in the mix of this need to get off the sodas, maybe it will work. Well, I didn’t drink sodas for 40 days and I read my Bible, but I’m pretty sure I missed the whole point.

So, each year for the last few, it has looked different. I have weighed what is distracting me in my life and have decided that would be the thing to remove for the period of lent. Yes, one year it was actually soft drinks. They were quite the comfort for me for so long. I proved to myself I could live without them during that time. One year it was just Facebook, because let’s be real, it is quite the dumpster fire at least 75% of the time. I don’t think the point of lent is to take something away for the 40+ days. I believe you can feast on something for the 40+ days  and experience the Lord just as powerfully.

So whether you feast or fast or don’t participate at all, great!

For me, I will be taking a full 46 day break from all social media outlets. Have you ever caught yourself looking at them like a nervous tick? Do you go for your phone at every stop light, in every drive through line, while you wait to pick up your kids from school, etc etc. I’m overwhelmed by influencers, products, ideas and just the distractions of it all. Y’all, I like to think I am not one to let others influence my mind/style/thoughts and I still think I stay pretty true to myself. My Dave Ramsey convictions keep me from swiping up A LOT! haha! What I cannot seem to shake, currently, is the need to fill up every moment of my time. What happened to margin? What happened to reading books? I’m on a journey the next few weeks to win back some of my life from the constant pull of the social media world.

I really love sharing and watching stories and reading about what’s going on in everyone’s worlds, but I am missing out on my own actual world right now.

Want to go on a journey with me? I hope you’ll ask God what is causing you to remain distracted, jaded or just plain checked out. Ask him to reveal what changes need to be made and go for it! I’m cheering you on!

Romans 12 is coming into play again for me. Being renewed by the transforming of my mind. I want to realign, lift my head and live with some new focus for the next few weeks!

I hope you know how much God loves you regardless if you observe 40+ days of fasting. Just know that if you are in a season of stuck, disconnect or struggle, letting go of distractions is key in regaining that connection. Here to help, if I can!

Finding the Heart of  Lent, is really just putting Jesus where he belongs. If social media is replacing Jesus, ditch it. If food is causing you to find comfort instead of in Jesus, make some changes. If you’re allowing an attitude to drive you and your decisions, how can you make adjustments in your mind to honor Christ?

I’ll be checking in here during the season of Lent to say hello and hopefully share some encouragement! See you soon!



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