Saturday Stuffs…

Hi friends! I am going to try something today that I haven’t in a long while. I am going to just write things out to write! I have some time today and I just want to do a digital brain dump and I’m taking you along for the ride.

This weekend is DNow and we have been hosting 8th grade girls! We have also been leading worship and loving it! We’re having a blast and I feel so incredibly full and blessed. I didn’t realize when we signed up to do worship and to host the girls that I would actually get a sabbath day out of the deal, but here I am. We got up early for sound check, lead songs and then I’ve been given the day until 6:00pm to just be.

I’m not sure how to just be, sometimes. I rested for awhile this morning watching a movie, went to a thrift store, sat down at Chic Fil A and ate before now sitting with my computer, journal and Bible… it’s only 1:57pm and I feel like I’m the luckiest gal in the world. My girls are living it up with Mimi and Pop, Nick is getting some overtime at work and I’m soaking up all I can today.

I’m not sure why God decided to give me this time today, but I’m here for it and I’m humbled by it. This last week(s) have been FULL, busy and good, but just crazy. Today has been like a sweet gift directly from the Father. I’m so thankful.

Here is how I know this is a gift, but also a sign of growth… I’m giving myself the day to rest. I could have easily guilted myself into doing 800 other things today, truly. I could have chased down all the groups, done all the activities, put myself in every area that I wasn’t even asked to be in in the first place…or I could accept the gift of a “free” day and praise God for it, soak it up and use it wisely.

Who am I? I am sitting here listening to a Jennie Allen podcast (y’all, she is on fire), writing these words that aren’t meant to teach a thing at all, enjoying the alone time and praying for myself, my family, my team, co-workers, the girls at our house this weekend, our future, and on and on.

At some point, we have to start realizing when God gives us the gifts he does and make the choice to accept them. Sometimes I think he gives us the gift of time, rest, relief and yet we won’t accept it. We won’t stop. We won’t slow down. We think we have to die on the cross of overwhelm so often that we miss out on the biggest blessings we could possibly be given. We have to be intentionally looking for what God is doing in us and for us. We have to be willing to obey him and not be at every event, do every ministry, do every activity.

So why rest? Why a thrift store? Why Chic Fil A? Why writing frivolously?

Because it gives me joy/life/fullness. For real. These things refresh me and give me the opportunity to slow down and hear God. We all know Chic Fil A is the Lord’s chicken anyway, but in reality, it’s the space/yes good food/and free wifi. Haha. Honesty. Why rest? Because when you get some time away from your children and you know they’re having a blast and just fine, you rest. You rest your mind, soul and body. Especially your body. So I watched Young Victoria because I’m a nerd for all things royal and I laid on my bed, snuggled up with a blanket and the cat. It was lovely. Why thrifting? Because I slowly meander through the isles and look for books, a pretty vase or neat frame…(today I found 10 hairbows for .99) perfectly clean/almost brand new condition… you just never know what you’ll find! There is something fun about going in without an agenda and finding little treasures. I leave calmed down and so very relaxed. I’m weird, but I’m learning to be so very ok with it.

I know I know. You’re sitting there thinking, “well aren’t you lucky! I have 4 kids, 2 dogs and a job where I never get time off and when I do have time off I have the 4 kids and 2 dogs and no help, etc. etc… I know. We’re all different and our lives are all different. We don’t always have or get the same opportunities to receive/rest/recharge. We don’t. I do believe we are all given the choice on occasion to pick the resting/recharge time over the facebook scrolling or the online shopping or even the 50th kid’s event for the week. At some point we choose. At some point we quite the hamster wheel and decide that choosing the sabbath rest over the striving hustle.

Erin Moon – Y’all, she so has so wonderfully written on this exact subject in Day 2 of her most recent work, “The Comfortable Words” Go to her site and order this digital download. You can print it later, get daily emails, or pull it up in your e-reader. Do it. It’s well done. It’s rich and it’s for all of us.


I’m getting ready to lead tonight spiritually rested and filled, physically rested, mentally charged and I don’t take that for granted. I’m going to be ready to see my girls tomorrow, starting another week, but full, rested and overflowing with attention and love. We must recharge to fully parent, serve/love our spouse, do our jobs, serve others etc. No wonder so many quit serving the church, operate out of exhaustion and are constantly complaining. We never make the choice to stop. The job will go on, the people will understand, the activities won’t end..ha. Life can move on without us for a few. I promise. We’re all important, but we do not run the show so much that we drive ourselves to sickness/burnout never taking a break. All that does is teach those around us, those who serve under us, those who are looking up to us, that it is ok.

So happy Saturday! You may have a full day of soccer games, flag football, family gatherings, working a long shift, housework, yard chores, and so on… we all have seasons/days of hustle. and it is GOOD! But, when given the choice and yes, we all have the choice, occasionally it might not hurt to choose the rest/recharge/refuel. Try it.

You’re worth the time it takes to stay healthy. So maybe my ramblings turned into something more than just a list of what I’m doing today. I suppose it’s just how this works for me.

None the less, find a small pocket of sabbath today. If it is 5 mins of quiet in the bathroom, a walk outside, savoring up all the family things today, or just reading a book…take care.



2 thoughts on “Saturday Stuffs…

  1. …and I had a Very DIFFERENT kind of day. Got a big supper ready for 3 (grown) grandchildren, and 1 grandson-in-law, and such a close friend to my grandson that I call him mine – so there was 6 of us – oh, and I cannot forget my 2 month old great-granddaughter – but she got passed around, so I didn’t get to hold her the whole time. All ate a lot, laughed a lot, and ENJOYED being together – and now this Naana is tired, but feeling so good.


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