Happy New (school)Year!!

This time of the year brings me much JOY! I know, most people just hate that school comes back, summer is over, late nights go away, early mornings are back, etc. I enjoy it. It really makes me so happy to have structure and routine again. The tease of fall comes with it. Sometimes a cooler morning temperature reminds me that the weather change is coming. Hopefully sooner than later. Around here, we never know. Summer may last until November. haha.

Something I realized this summer was that I had a lot of plans and not all of them happened. Instead of feeling guilty about it, or trying to fit every last thing in the last week of summer, I just let it go. Really, I did. I just decided that I would note what we didn’t get to or what didn’t work for us and try again next year. I’m not sure why we are so hard on ourselves, but sometimes we just need to accept the reality that we didn’t do all we wanted or go every where we intended and then move on.

Finding the heart of our seasons takes being ok with things not going our way.

With that said, I have taken some tie to reflect on our summer and pull out the things I’m thankful for, not just look at all the things we didn’t do with sadness. So, I decided that I was extremely thankful that we had a lot of time at home, together. We had an amazing time serving together for 3 weeks during VBS season. We had our annual 4th of July traditions and fun with my family and our friends. We went to Wonderland as a family and enjoyed ourselves! We went swimming a number of times. Cooked out some, got snow cones, slept in, stayed up late, celebrated birthdays, and ended the summer with a small trip to the mountains. That trip was the cherry on top of this summer. It was the BEST thing we could have done as a family this summer. We relaxed, slowed down, read books, colored, did puzzles, sat outside for hours, drank coffee and hot chocolate, went to Red River, had lunch, shopped, took walks, went to the lake, paddle boated, went to the park, watched movies, and had the car ride to and from for laughing, visiting and just being together. I’m so extremely grateful for that trip. Spending time with my grandparents was such a blessing for our family.

Summer didn’t include all of our initial plans. and that’s ok! It was full, blessed and at times EVEN BORING! 🙂 win! Thankful for it all and thankful for the season ahead! I love love this anticipation time we’re in currently. It isn’t quite fall, but its on the horizon. Schools are all coming back into session, hints of cooler weather happen here and there, football is coming back, and even if you hate it, the holidays are on the extreme horizon and I’m a planner, so planning ahead and thinking holidays makes me extremely happy.

We don’t have to dread any new seasons. We can look ahead with expectation and excitement because God is the God of new things.

He makes things new for a reason. How can he change your perspective, view and heart for the season ahead? Let him give you hope, positive attitudes and even new vision for the season ahead!

How did you find the heart this summer? How can you find the heart this fall? Let God lead, live aware and keep your eyes open for all he has to give you!


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