Summer Things…

Hello! This summer has been one of margin. I have taken myself off of social media for all of June and then starting here in July I have gotten back on Facebook on occasion for work stuff. I have been able to do life a little more focused than before. I have been able to work out some kinks in my life recently. Counseling, prayer and wisdom from my family and close friends has allowed me to really move forward in some big ways with things I thought I would struggle with for years. I am so thankful for this progress in myself. I have tinkered with some health stuff and have found that really being aware is so key. Being aware of habits, medicines, etc can really effect me more than I thought. I suppose that comes with each new age I find myself in. haha 🙂

June was a big blur, as usual, but it had so many great moments in it! June always screams VBS in our world. We choose, each year, to devote 3 weeks to decorating and helping with the week of VBS at our church. For years now we have done this and yes, it brings with it a unique kind of exhaustion, but it also brings with it some fond memories. We’re thankful for it. These years will pass by quickly.


Ava’s birthday was June 9 and we had a small party at our home because the day of her splash pad birthday party ended up being 55 degrees and windy! So very windy. ha! She enjoyed her friends that came and it was a nice time. My birthday and our anniversary come the 16th and 23rd. We celebrated the church’s 25th on our 12th. 🙂 Turning 34 myself has been fairly uneventful. I like it that way. Life keeps rolling on at a consistent pace.


Summer has given me margin to read a few more books and also not feel so pressured to be constantly reading or doing anything for that matter. Rest, relaxing amidst all the fun and plans has been a nice balance. We have enjoyed family time, had to cancel our vacation, but will reschedule, read together, and are finding times to hang out with friends and enjoy late evenings, snow cones, bbq’s and sleeping in more often!


July is shaping up to be a fun one! Ava and Nick just got back from Camp Kid Jam!

We are going to do Wonderland as a family, got to go to a Sod Poodles baseball game, the Canyon Aqua Park and will be registering Ava for 3rd grade.



August will wrap things up with ballet camp for both girls and a quick trip to Angel Fire. We started doing a late summer trip right before school starts the summer before Ava started Kinder. It’s a nice tradition and gives us a few days of space, beauty and togetherness to start the school year off right.

Summer has been full, fun and also restful. We are gearing up for all things school though! I put some fun things in the July E-letter so sign up on the newsletter page! I would love to send you a monthly e-letter with lots of fun things in it! I won’t spam you. 🙂

What have you been doing this summer? What new things have you tried? What things are you looking forward to this fall? Log on to Instagram and follow TheHeartofEverydayLife. It’s a fun space to share and I hope to get more content up soon!

Happy end of summertime! The new school year will bring more hearts, content, encouragement and sharing! Can’t wait!!




2 thoughts on “Summer Things…

  1. So what have I been doing this summer? Trying to learn a new way of living after 55 years of loving. I’m thankful for family that’s always here for me. And in August we’ll be adding a new great-granddaughter – here in Amarillo. Nothing like new life to lift God’s love!


    1. It takes a lot of work and energy to figure out a new normal. Prayers for a new season full of sweet sugars and love from that sweet little baby girl!!! Continued prayers for your heart and soul. ❤


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