It’s May!

Hello friends!

May is here! Things I am looking forward to in May; school coming to a close, weekly commitments dwindling down, some health goals and a mini vacation trip to see my bestie! I am excited to get this school year over with, as is Ava. We are so ready for less structure and more relaxing, for sure. We do have some plans this summer for some tutoring, church camp, ballet camp, VBS, swimming, a vacation to the beach with Mimi and sissy, 4th of July traditions, birthdays, and more!

We are looking forward to our first summer in our new house. Backyard, patio, deck, good grass, driveway, a fence, haha all the things we didn’t have in our apartment season. We are so excited to have friends over, swim, cookout, play games, enjoy long evenings and soaking up all we can of each other and the slow sweetness of summertime. img_0930

But, first, the month of May still has LOTS going on as we wrap up school and other things. There are field trips, field days, some have STAAR tests, there are awards ceremonies, parties, plays, recitals, concerts, etc. SO MANY THINGS!!! So, instead of barrelling through, what if we paused and soaked up all these things have for us? Pictures, conversations, and slowing down enough to appreciate that these moments are fleeting. It truly feels like we started second grade a few weeks ago and here we are. Shoot, it feels as if we started kindergarten yesterday.

What are ways that you pause and reflect, remember, appreciate and savor these times? Do you have tips and tricks that work for you? Seasoned mommas, how have you done this? Or do you have regrets of things you wish you had done? I would love to hear from you! Comment on this post or get on instagram and tag your post #findingtheheart and tag me @shainaweisgerber with your thoughts on this! Let’s network to find the best ways to savor these times, survive the crazy and be intentional in our  mothering.

Speaking of Mothering… it is Mother’s Day this month and so I have series of posts coming that have to do with the ongoing journey. If you don’t have kids of your own DON’T GO AWAY!! 🙂 Stay tuned! There are lots of things to be encouraged by in this series #findingtheheart of Mothering. I hope to hear from you throughout this month as these posts go up! There are so many things about Mothers, Mother’s Day, motherhood, etc that can be SO HARD! I want to create some space and margin for us to find the heart of it all, the joy and then take a deep breath in the middle of the crazy and hard. If you have questions or thoughts, email me! Go to the contact page HERE and send me a note!

So, Happy May! Happy almost out of school! Happy almost summer! I am excited to walk through May with you all as we #findtheheart of every day life!



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