Amarillo Angels


So, Amarillo has a large amount of children in the foster care system. Amarillo Angels is an organization that helps support these children and the foster families in our area.

Coming up is an event with The PopCast crew from The PopCast with Knox & Jamie. Check out their podcast!! They also have The Bible Binge podcast as well! Knox, Jamie and Erin Moon will all be in Amarillo for a Live Event! Joining them will be authors Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson of the Big Boo Cast. They both have several books out and are so fun and delightful! I love their podcast as well!

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to support Amarillo Angels and their mission here in Amarillo!

Don’t delay! There are only a few VIP tickets left!! September will be here before we know it! for tickets and more info!!

Check out :

The PopCast w/ Knox & Jamie

The Bible Binge –

Knox McCoy

Jamie Golden

Erin Moon

Melanie Shankle

Sophie Hudson

Amarillo Angels

They are on all social media sites and have sites of their own!


Can’t wait to see you there!!!



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