A Month of Remembering

Heart Month is under way and I wanted to share with you some of the fun things we do in our home during heart month!

A lot of what I am sharing this month is for fellow heart families. Families who have heart warriors still with them, still fighting and for those families who have buried a heart warrior and want to celebrate them amidst all the celebrating of CHD awareness February brings.

Wherever you find yourself, I hope there is something for you here!

I want to share with you some of our favorite Heart Month ideas!

1. DECORATIONS– Y’all, do we need an actual reason to go to the Dollar Tree? Of course not. BUT, this is a good one! We love to find the most tacky and silly heart decor and hang it all up around the kitchen/dining area. The kids LOVE this! They get to pick glittery, bright, shiny and fun decorations. Y’all, its for one month. It is not a big ordeal to have some silly, shiny and even tacky stuff up if it gets us smiling and having fun together!

I do have some precious and more serious decorations for heart month as well, such as my favorite pictures of Noah, our letter board that always has the girls’ birthdays has his celebration date and his name on it. We put out some of Noah’s things that we love, but only during February. It makes them that more special to us all.

2. FUN INTERACTIVE IDEAS– I love finding things to do together as a family, especially with my girls. So, last year a friend of mine posted about these fun mail boxes she got her kiddos. They had a ball putting little notes, erasers, suckers, stickers, etc in their sibling’s mail box. She also put notes in there from her and her husband did the same. They had so much fun sharing the love with each other and any time their little mailbox flag was up, the excitement was too much to contain! So I found some little mailboxes at Target in the dollar spot last year! MY GIRLS THINK THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. 🙂 I love sneaking notes in their boxes after they have gone to bed and then they wake up to their flags up and they light up!! They love making little notes for each other and get so giddy to open them up. I think I may have to add boxes for Nick and I next year!

– We usually find some fun ways to incorporate food into the heart month activities! One yaer we made heart shaped pizzas (You can also purchase heart shaped pizza at Papa Murphy’s fyi!! ) The girls enjoyed fixing up their own pizza. You can buy pre made dough or make your own! I have my Mimi’s pizza dough recipe I’ll share below! It is super easy and DELISH! We enjoy buying the cheesy valentine’s break and bake cookies! Cheap and so easy to bake and share with your neighbors, fire station, police station or school office! Baking from scratch is always fun and we enjoy Rice Krispy Treats with valentine sprinkles on them as well! Affordable and easily portable as well!

-any and all amounts of coloring, painting, creating and crafting are acceptable during heart month.It is fun to just get creative, let the kids enjoy all the craft supplies and you can turn all of their artwork into fun cards for community helpers, teachers, hospital staff or families at the RMH.

3. CONVERSATIONS– Heart month is a GREAT time to have conversations about the past. You  know the temperature of the room, so to speak, with your family. Our girls enjoy talking about “what if Bubby was here and well”, and we have fun imagining and thinking of all the things we would do if he were here. It is helpful for them to explore and imagine those things, even if they are reality. It is healing and helpful for our littles. Again, you know how that would help or hurt your own. I find hearing my girls talk about their brother and all the what-if’s can be such a fun conversation. It can also be hard, but we always leave that space smiling and laughing together. It spurs questions about faith, heaven and salvation. We don’t always have the answers, but we aren’t afraid of the conversations. We want to be the place that our girls come for hard discussions. This helps open the doors! img_5755

4. GIVING BACK– We find that during Heart Month, we have this surge of energy and desire to celebrate, so we make cookies, make artwork, and then realize that maybe we don’t need to eat all of the cookies and rice krispy treats or have room to hang up every piece of paper the girls have painted on.

I have found that the girls love to share their goodies with others in the community. So we go by the Fire Dept, Police Dept, Ronald McDonald House or our school office. It is so fun to see the girls light up when they bring treats to someone. I love how much fun we have making everything and then seeing how much joy the girls have when sharing it all.


So these are just a few things we do to celebrate Heart Month:

Here is the recipe for Mimi’s Pizza Dough:

Pizza Dough
Dissolve 1 pkg of yeast into 1/4 cup of warm water
Add to: 1 C of warm water
             2 T oil (any light oil-canola, vegetable, probably not olive oil unless it is light)
             2 T sugar
             1 t salt
Add: 1 beaten egg
Mix in: 3 C of flour (you can use wheat or regular all purpose here, or mix!) You might need a bit more flour, to make it less sticky. Just add a little bit at a time until you get a nice dough. 
Let rise double- about 30 min- 1 hour
This makes 2 pizzas since I am using the same pizza oven my Mimi used. 
you can read the whole post here: MIMI’s PIZZA DOUGH


Pro Tip! If you are nervous about messes, or just plain lazy and don’t want to make a batch of cookies or brownies, etc. JUST BUY THEM! Buy the pre-made dough, the break apart dough or slice and bake…they come with cute holiday pictures on them too! You can bag up pre-baked goodies from the bakery as well! Dollar Tree has such fun bags and boxes you can fill with candies or baked goods, but some bakery items, I guarantee, no one will turn down!! Whatever you do, don’t stress about it. It is supposed to be a fun time and a time to just enjoy each other as well as celebrate!

Whatever you decide to do, share it! I would love to see whatever you are doing this month! #findingtheheart #sharingtheheart

Happy Heart Month!



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