Heart Month 101

Happy February folks!! We survived the year of January! For real, it seemed like such a long month. I guess I shouldn’t complain though. Time is flying by me and I need to soak up and linger in these times, am I right?!

So, for those of you who are new here, Heart Month is my favorite! Yes, February is the month hearts for the obvious reason of Valentine’s Day, but there is more to it for us!

February is CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) awareness month, the month Noah passed away in 2013, and also V-Day. 🙂 So we celebrate all the heart things! We found that since Ava was so young when Noah died, we wanted to find ways to remember Bubby, but that were age appropriate. We have had some fun times over the years!IMG_3788

There are some things that I do every year and there are lots of things that we try one year and may not do the next! One of the things that I enjoy doing every February is involving others in our celebrating!

The first heart month after Noah died we asked people to share hearts with us on Facebook. People sent us tons of hearts from all over! Some were from items in their home, office or yard. Some people found neat photographs of hearts found in nature and sent those to us. Some created artwork, but they all sent their love. We felt so seen, loved and celebrated that first year. It was like an enormous hug from all of our people, near and far who had walked with us through the journey.

We have suggested people eat cupcakes for his birthday in years past, but every heart month, we always do something different or special. Many years we collect items and take them down to Cook Children’s Heart Center in his memory. We have collected coke tabs and given those to Ronald McDonald House in Ft Worth. Whatever we do, we do it to celebrate, honor and remember our warrior son, Noah James.

There have been years where I was a lot more quiet and reflective as well. This year I just want to be open to what God has in store throughout the month. I want to encourage you where you are, to #findtheheart and share it. Dig deep, find what drives you and your heart and do that thing. That is what I am doing. I have a love of writing and sharing and I am committing to drive myself harder in this passion. Do you have a heart for fostering and adoption? Maybe a heart for missions? Perhaps you have a love for kids? What is it that makes you tick? This heart month, I urge you to ask God for direction and vision, passion and drive for something that only He can do through you!

and then… DO IT! (AND SHARE IT!) I want to know how you plan to share your heart with the world around you!

Feel free to share your heart pics with the hashtag #findingtheheart ! Follow that hashtag on Instagram as well! Let’s fill our homes, work places and churches with love this February. Maybe there is a special collection going on at your school or church that you could donate towards. Maybe make a batch of cookies and take them to the fire house, the Ronald McDonald House, the local hospital, or police station. Send out a postcard to your neighbors just saying hello and that you’re there for them!love-heart-hand-romantic.jpg

Maybe sharing your heart is a hard thing and you’re not near ready to do such a thing at this time in your life. You know what I urge YOU to do?

Take care of yourself. Take care of your heart. Maybe you are walking through some deep grief, fresh and raw. Maybe a divorce, a job loss or a diagnosis is creating a darkness around you. Would you do me a favor and tell someone? Do not walk it alone. Reach out. Take care of your soul, your heart and your mind.

Maybe you have been distant and cold towards your family, your spouse, your kids. Heart month is a time to recognize the loves in your life and remember again how special they are and to show them. Put a little note in your kid’s lunch box, stick a post it note with a sweet message on it for your spouse. Write your boss a thank you letter, even if that is the hardest thing you do all month. Extend some grace to the checker at the store or the grocery bagger. Ask people how they are doing and then listen for their response.

Heart month is a month of finding and sharing our hearts.40

You don’t have to have a romantic interest to celebrate the heart. Share what is on your heart and pursue it! Try new things, share your favorite things, encourage others. Most of all, spend some time with your own heart. Does it need attention? Maybe it needs work, a cleaning, some mending. Let God do the work only he can!

Stay tuned this month for more!

Thanks for sharing and email me if I can support you in any of this!!

Happy Heart Month,



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