Round 3 Week 3

So we started another Whole 30 round on January 1st. This is the first round in which I have not “struggled” so much. I say that. I have not struggled with the food side of things as much.

I know that not having the opportunity to emotionally eat has forced me to deal with issues that come up in an actual way. I can’t just go grab a Dr Pepper and feel better for a bit. I have to tackle the issue at hand and that has been rough.

You know what though, it has been freeing! The other thing is, it’s giving me life. In order to see change, experience change and get out of old ruts, bad habits and the same old crazy cycle…WE HAVE TO OWN IT.

I had to come to a point last weekend, during a really rough patch personally, to either quit the whole 30 and grab comfort food, or push through, and actually deal with the issue.

Romans 12 comes up again.

To be transformed by the renewing of my mind, means that I actually put into practice the truth. Prayer is essential.

We gathered up as a family that evening and prayed. The enemy can mess with me quite a bit, but when I see he is messing with my children, battle on. My big girl was getting pretty emotional and kept saying she was overwhelmed. We stopped. We prayed. We immediately felt peace. My issues weren’t resolved. I still had tough things I was walking through, but the battle belongs to the Lord and that is who we gave it to.

So, what’s my point? When we take time to be healthy, really OWN our issues, our insecurities, our SIN, we deal with it, we lay it down, we’re honest about it and have real conversations for healing and redemption, we can have freedom! We can experience life that is so much more honest and rich.

Do we always get it right? Nope. But, we have to start somewhere.

Let’s own our issues. Let’s not let friendships die because of unspoken struggles. Let’s not let our families suffer under the pressure of our expectations and frustrations any longer. Let’s do the work necessary in us, to bring the healthiest version of ourselves to the table. Whether that is in our marriage, parenting, work, or just for ourselves. Maybe being healthy emotionally and psychically actually leads to a more healthy and real relationship with the Father.

Food for thought!

Have a great week friends and keep finding the heart!


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