Hello, December!

It has been over a month since I have typed a word here. I suppose my mind just took itself a long vacation. Sometimes, I suppose, it is necessary to withdraw and just live life. So many things have happened since October. Geez. Routine came back into play with the last time I wrote and alongside all of our routine we had lots of other things come about as well. October was so great. Lots of fun, Halloween in our new home proved to be fun! We had a good amount of trick or treaters and the girls got to go around the close blocks and got loaded up. 🙂 Nick served on a Kairos Prison Ministry team and lead the worship for the weekend. It went well and the girls and I held the fort down at home.

November started off strong with some best friend time! Her and her kids came into town for a week and we got a whole Saturday to spend together. Our kids played, we got to visit, we met the newest baby and just had a lovely time together. November also had a lovely Thanksgiving break. We had 5 days off. Nick had 4 days off and we had so much down time, relaxing, movies, snacks, family time, food and fun. It was the best! We got Christmas put up and being in the new house has just been so fun! I feel as though this home will serve us well over the years to come. It has been so nice settling in. I realized the other day that each of the girls have empty drawers and shelves in their cabinets in their bathrooms. Room for later when they’re bigger and need space for their stuff. Right now it is awesome to have empty places all over the house. There are closets and cabinets that are empty. That means we are not overflowing with junk. So thankful. If I learned anything in the apartment it was that we do not need a ton of stuff. We just don’t. If everything has a purpose and a place, we are all better off. 🙂

November brought with it a big change for some friends of ours! They adopted 2 girls! Sisters. They are growing and adjusting to new life, but it was a huge blessing to get to be a part of that big day!! What a beautiful picture of the gospel. We love our friends and their girls!

So here is December. I was looking at the calendar today and realized it is already getting full. I looked again though and also realized that all the things on the calendar have to do with friends, family and the church. It is safe to say that the month will be busy, but also FULL of blessing and memory making. I am thankful. I am trying to soak up these moments, these days, even the homework/school routine/projects/events. There’s just no time to waste with these girls. They will be gone before I know it and Ana isn’t even in “school” yet. She does turn 3 next weekend! Crazy!

I don’t know why I am writing a catch up with our life type post, but I just felt the need to. I suppose it is more for me than anyone. I don’t have some profound lesson to teach, word to preach or thing to say. Just hello, I hope and pray you are well. I am blessed beyond measure. I am thankful and grateful for my life and all that  is in it. We have some big goals for 2019, our girls are growing and I can’t slow down life so I am finding ways to savor our days.

Much love to you all.


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