We’re in over a week already, but so far, October has been lovely. Really. It has been full of weather change and a long weekend. We’ve baked, gone to a football game, enjoyed our fireplace, ate waffles and just enjoyed ourselves. I’m sitting here, perfectly ready for our routine again. Tomorrow we are all back in school and work, alarms are set, week night plans are back in place and life continues. Clean eating also continues. I felt that I got to enjoy quite a few fun treats the last few days, and now my body is screaming to get back on track. So, I’m coming to my accountability place to keep myself on track. My friend gave me her old apple watch to “compete” on our activity level. We’ll see how it goes! Anything to get me going on the next step of the journey. Eat clean, keep detoxed on the sugar and now get more active. I feel as though if I don’t keep pushing myself I will fall right back into old habits. For the millionth time I could slip and fall back into ways that only kept me upset and frustrated. So, we move forward. We keep pushing through and keep seeking out each next level of success. I got 10lbs off. I can do that again. So, I’m re-motivated to put down the treats and keep at it. Clean, real food, full of good fats, veggies, lean meats and some dairy. I am adding that and keeping it in. As far as gluten, corn, sugar and artificial sugar I am trying to keep those away as much as possible. Legumes as well. img_1619

So, we start back to school, seeing all the holidays coming up is getting exciting for me. I feel as though this year is bringing some new excitement I haven’t had in many years. We are aware of our holiday budget and it will give us freedom to give gifts, but not put ourselves in a bind. Plus! We have lots to look forward to!

October brings with it some amazing things!
-Ava is getting Baptized this Sunday!! So we are having some family/friends over for a small reception at our home after services!
-Kairos #40 is the following weekend. Nick is working it and I will be helping when I can.
-Bible Journaling evening with Family Life Women’s ministry. I will be facilitating the evening with lessons on Bible Journaling and sharing my heart for the Word and women in the Body of Christ.
-our trip to Ft. Worth for a Mended Little Hearts Angel family meet up and a trip to the CVICU to deliver goodies. We are so excited about this! If you want a simple way to join in on this, you can buy fleece blankets for $2.50 at Walmart (these are on Georgia)

Blankets for Bravery Bags in memory of Noah. At the Georgia St Walmart in Amarillo

-Halloween happens after that. We have our party at the house where our Life Group joins in and some of the Worship team families.
November brings
-RightNow Conference in Dallas with staff peeps
-Dad’s birthday
December brings
-Obviously Christmas and all the activities.

There is something sweet about our home that feels right and it has brought back the desire to keep my home comfortable, clean and decorated as I like. It has brought out the desire to host people and have them over, etc. I am looking forward to the opportunities to do just that.

I am trying to get caught up on some reading. I am behind on my Bible in a year plan, so I need to do some catching up. I am also not reading a book a month like I did last  year and I want to pick up the pace with that. I am also beginning to really write down some long term goals both personally and professionally. Who knows when these goals will come to pass, but I am speaking them out, writing them down and praying over them as well as telling my close people what they are, so they are aware and can help me see them through.

bible book business christian

So, October is bringing with it some amazing refreshment and exciting things. Happy Fall y’all!

What are your favorite things about fall???
I want to know!

Much love,


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