Whole 30/September Reflections Day 23-27

Well, we’ve hit the end of this September road… it has been an amazing ride. I’m thankful for the accountability that logging my journey has given me. I feel like I have been more successful because of the check ins and updates as I’ve gone. Overall, I lost 10lbs and some inches. This wasn’t the only goal and I am thankful for the other victories of the journey. I feel less tethered to bad habit foods. This week is officially the end of the Whole 30. We ended up doing a Whole 25 pretty much. I’ve added in some things that don’t bother me and I’ve tried some foods that obviously I should stay away from for the long haul. Sugar just has to be kept at bay as much as possible. Especially and mostly, refined or processed sugar. Natural sugars are not so bad. Trying to stay away from some inflammatory foods like beans/soy. Not too hard there.

I feel much more in control, but not totally confident yet, so strict weekdays and a little more leeway during the weekend. Our goal this month is to eat out only 1 or 2x max and eat at home the rest. We did that in September and it was great for our budget and our health.

This month has been so beautiful. I have taken care of myself this month than many other Septembers… I let myself be what I needed to be. I took care of my soul, my body and my home. I felt inspired and encouraged on more than one occasion and I invested in multiple things that I had been neglecting. What a blessing.

We have had so many sweet blessings come from our Bravery Bag item drive for Cook Children’s. We are so blessed to have so many donate items!

I have a date set for our trip to Ft. Worth. We will be going down October 27th-28th. We will visit the heart unit at Cook’s as well as join some other families of Heart Warrior Angels for a dinner and time to meet and greet. So if you are still wanting to donate items, please get them to me anytime during October! I would love to come by and pick up items, you can drop them off at Family Life here in town or you can drop them in the mail or by our house. Message me for our address! We are still collecting travel size toiletries, small journals, pens, coloring books, crayons, word find books, crossword books, chap stick, non-perishable snack items, mints, hard candies, baby socks, baby caps, baby mittens, and the $2.50 fleece blankets from Walmart!

These are at the Walmart on Georgia St

So thank YOU SO MUCH to those who have given. I cannot explain to you the peace it brings my heart to know people remember and want to honor our boy in this way! We appreciate it more than words can express!

Have an incredible week! Much love



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