Whole30/September Reflections Day 21/22

Hello! Thank you to everyone for the kind words, messages, texts, sweet cards and thoughts, especially prayers. I am thankful for our community and will forever be grateful for the online community who walked with us Noah’s entire life. I am always so humbled by the outpouring.

Whole 30 is finishing up this week. I am afraid of going back to some old habits if I am not careful, so I am trying to stay on top of things. We added in rice tonight and it seems to be fine at this point. Definitely continuing to do the whole of the program the rest of this week and then make some small changes next week. The biggest things must stay the same though! Staying away from too much sugar, carbs, gluten, legumes, soy and some dairy. I have gotten SO bored with food that this next week I am going to try to bring some new life back to our meals. The last part of the  month is definitely an exercise in being creative with what you have kind of thing. ha

So, yesterday, as I posted was a nice day for us as we took off work and created some space to reflect and think about our son and the last 6 years. It was so nice. We needed a date night, but got a whole day and it was wonderful. Sometimes I forget that just slowing down for even a day brings so much margin and heart/head space.

Not much to say other than I continue to trek through this, learn, grow and hopefully continue to find new rhythms and habits through it all!


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