Whole30/September Reflections Day 19/20

Happy weekend, friends.

This has been such a great weekend, after a really tough week. I have been getting through this Whole30 really well and the last few days had some leverage, I guess you could say. What I’ve been so thankful for is the fact that it didn’t derail me completely. On Friday we attended a birthday party for our sweet friend’s daughter and we indulged a bit on some broccoli cheese casserole and I might have stolen a bite of cake off of Ava’s late. ha. I could tell that the amount of food on my plate was more than I’ve been used to the last 3 weeks, so I stopped when I was satisfied. This morning, I cheated as far as Whole30 rules and weighed. I have lost 10lbs since September 3rd. That was a huge surprise to me! I had a cup of coffee with some Premiere Protein vanilla shake in it, heated and frothed. It was a wonderful treat. I made a compliant breakfast hash and drank water the rest of the day. We went to see Incredibles 2 with the girls and I stashed some snacks for them and us. A larabar for Nick and some pistachios for me. We bought a water for a million dollars so I was not feeling too bad about my whole30 snacking. We went to Blue Sky after the movie and we got the protein plate with side salad. I had the ranch, which is obviously not compliant, but, it wasn’t too much. I feel a sense of control I have not had for, probably ever. If I am not careful I will slip back into old habits. So this week is our last full week of Whole30 and I plan to finish strong. The small little blips yesterday and today were nothing to get me off plan and beyond next week I will be doing as much of the same thing as I can, with only the addition of a few items. It was almost like practice.



I had a lot more sweet tooth moments this last week. Trying to push through those. I am hoping to figure out some more activity soon, but my main focus is still just lifestyle change and breaking old habits. With such progress, I truly believe I can keep up the work it takes. I do feel better. In Whole30 they talk about non-scale victories. For the record, I have been sleeping better, little to no leg pains, more focused, beginning to feel less stressed/more patient in many ways, I could tell at practice Thursday that my voice had better flexibility and flow. I don’t crave drive through sodas like I did. I have almost quit wanting bubbly drinks at all. As long as I have a plan and am prepared I tend to do really well. It is all in the planning.

I made a fun dish to take to the birthday that was compliant. A chicken/bacon/ranch dip. It was so good! It was almost like it had cheese in it, but it didn’t. I made the compliant ranch dressing, cooked up some chicken breasts and bacon in the oven on one sheet pan, then added in all the ingredients, mixed it up and then baked it. It was so good. We used plantain chips to dip. It was really good. I got the recipe from @Justjessieb on instagram.

I mentioned earlier that I had a rough week. Such a rough week, but I didn’t resort to old habits. Thankful for that. Thankful for our Life Group lesson this week and how it reminded me to own my emotions/feelings, be honest about them and take care of them and myself.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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