Whole30/September Reflections Day 17/18


Anyone reading these? Ha! Honestly, it has been for me that I’m logging this stuff each day. It has helped me a lot. I realized today that I finally have some major control on my eating/emotional eating issues. This round of Whole30 has me reigned in tight and I am thankful. This week could have tanked me EASILY, but I fought back. I fought this week against food boredom(I really need to make a new recipe or find some new things to eat), against emotional eating (I used to always drive through for a dr pepper or some treat or after school snack for the girls when struggling or tired or just needing a pick me up), against eating because I’m bored, and lastly just eating when I don’t need to/not hungry. I’ve found a rhythm and a rhyme to myself and my food needs. I’m still dealing with headaches and some tooth pain (whole other story), but overall I am stinking proud of myself. I have been drinking water, I splurged and got Chic fil a with a friend, but got grilled nuggets and a side salad and unsweet tea. It was nice. I’m branching out slowly and finding I can still live and do life without such a tight leash. I can still do things besides bring my lunch or eat at home all the time and not blow it. I will still mainly eat and home or bring my lunch, but it is nice to know I have more will power than I thought I had.

It’s been quite the adventure. I see how this last week and all the emotions it has brought me could have tanked my progress and pulled me back into old habits. But, instead, I have had to confront and deal with my emotions and not just cover them up with sugar or snacks. It’s hard. It’s a big deal for me and I’m proud that I’ve been so steadfast in this.

I found a Whole30 recipe for a chicken/bacon/ranch dip. I am excited to try it and bring it to a birthday party tomorrow. Planning ahead is the name of the game!

I can do hard things. img_1503


I guess I don’t have much to say about reflections in this part of the month other than, this year, I’m sad. I’m just being really honest about it and saying it so that I don’t keep pushing it down inside of me. I’m sad that my son died. So I’m taking steps to take care of me this weekend and I’m letting myself feel every emotion and be sad. There is no need for me to push it down and hide the tears. I encourage you to own your emotions and let God take what is actually happening in you and use it to draw you into himself.

Here for you if I can be. Love your people by being honest and owning the things you are struggling with. It is better to be honest and own the emotions that are in you, than to react and even explode at your spouse or kids or friend, causing them to get upset as well and then finding yourself in a cycle. Resentment and struggle can happen so often when we don’t just own our own issues. Coming clean with our hearts and guarding our hearts, really knowing who we are and what is going on in our heart and minds is so important. Let’s be people that other people can feel safe being honest with.

Lots of grace, people.

One thought on “Whole30/September Reflections Day 17/18

  1. I STILL Live with problems that (actually) are getting worse – they’ve been going on for 28 years now. SO – what do I do – I lean on HIM – even more than just the “usual”. And, HE’s there for me – all the time!

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