Whole30/September Reflections Day 13 & 14

Hello and happy Monday!

This weekend was a good one! My day off on Friday looked like some light house cleaning, playing with Ana and a grocery store run. We went and found some hard to find ingredients at a local health food store. We then went to Market Street and got our usual groceries. πŸ™‚ I was really impressed with my finds at Market Street this time. We found some really good “emergency food” options, Nutpods for coffee and some other items. I will be the one to say, I don’t like Chomps. They are like meat sticks (kind of like a slim jim) Eew. TOO spicy. Not a fan. Sad by this, but I like Nick Sticks. That is another brand of compliant snacks and I love those. They are not spicy. πŸ™‚ I’m a weenie I guess.

Anyway, we had a great Saturday and Ava and I got SO MANY CHORES done. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, Nick took Ana to the dr and got her some meds and did laundry and mowed the back. Overall we are still hanging in there with the Whole30. We even ate out Sunday and minus a piece of cheese they didn’t take off, we were good. πŸ™‚ Not too worried about it. haha We are on week 3 and feeling well! I think the season change in giving me headaches, not necessarily the whole30. I still feel like I will be able to grab up some more energy soon.

My biggest concern and goal moving forward is how we reintroduce things and what we reintroduce. I am still very much in a fragile food state, where I need to watch everything I eat, closely. I don’t want to fall into bad habits again, just because we completed a whole30. So, I am going to really plan what I will allow myself to have and what I will not allow myself to have. I believe I can find a great balance that will still help me lose weight and find healthy habits without diving head first back into big problem foods.

As September continues on, I have had more people give me items for our collection. We are honoring Noah’s 6th birthday with collecting items for Mended Little Hearts of Ft Worth. We are collecting toiletries, small journals, pens, fleece blankets from Walmart(the $2.50 ones), gum, hard candies, non-perishable easy snacks, small packs of kleenex, etc. Ava and I will be bringing these down, possibly all 4 of us, to honor and remember our boy.

September Whole30 made sense, because since Noah died I have always felt this push and need to make him proud, the things he struggled through and fought make me realize I can do hard things too. So we do this and we find that hard things are good things and even though it isn’t easy it has been worth it. I find that true of my entire experience as a heart mom. The 5 months I got were such “trench” months. They were hard, ugly and down right draining, but they were full of long days in my Bible, lots of prayers, journals, meeting new people, becoming family with many of our medical team, and enjoying a little baby boy who didn’t know life outside of those Cook Children’s walls. So September means so much because it is always a time of reflection and I get to remember that I’ve done harder things than attend to my health or pass up a dr pepper. I have endured and I have seen hard times. Dark days, long nights, deep pain. I can continue to do what I’m called to, what God is calling me to, because he always has had a plan and he continues to make the way.

So here’s to week 3! πŸ™‚

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