Whole30/September Reflections Day 8

I realized today that the food part of this journey so far isn’t so hard. I also realized that my mental game is what is being broken this time. There isn’t much to say today other than, I haven’t given in, I haven’t quit and I am actually seeing changes that I know are good for me. Today I had breakfast sausage and a boiled egg for breakfast, leftover steak and salad and for dinner a smoked sausage link and a baked potato. Drank water all day. Still wanting  a huge latte. Still having some trouble with headaches. I haven’t hit the big energy boost yet. We’re still only in the beginning though. I do believe my sleeping is better.

September is full of so many emotions for me. Staying in check is important and yet feeling everything I need to feel about my son and his birthday and the fact that he isn’t here, is important too. So, I take it a day at a time. Sometimes a memory at a time.

That’s it today folks. Got my post in, for accountability. Ready for bed. Love to you all!


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