Whole30/September Reflections Day 7

Day 7! A whole week! When we did this last year, I was new to it all and didn’t know of all of the headaches, cravings and struggles that come with it. None the less, we pushed through and were so proud. This go round I know what to expect, but I also know how I feel when I’ve done the hard work. The non-scale victories are so important to me, because those are lasting, habit changing, discipline making victories that are worth the struggle.

A quick food log. We had grilled chicken and bacon lettuce wraps with pan fried potatoes. Today we had steak, baked potatoes and salads, then at the church picnic we did “naked” burgers and trimmings and I brought plantain chips and oranges. We drank water and had a nice time. We didn’t have to have the sodas to enjoy it. *winning*

This is where Whole30 meets September reflections. Discipline. That has been my “word” for 2018 and I didn’t really know what it meant for me. I still wonder if I truly know what it’s been for me this year, or if I’ve let it go too often. I look back at our time in the apartment and realize that I was invested in some new good habits there, I’ve learned ways to figure out how to handle (better anyway, not perfected) anxious moments, anger outbursts, assumptions, and reactions. I still struggle in many ways with these things still, but over the year I am finding that I have processes and ways of helping walk through struggles. This has been a lesson in discipline for me.

This journey of Whole30 is always one that really begins to show me where I do not rely on the Father. For so many things, I end up relying on myself, a Dr.Pepper, a Sonic run, a comfort food meal out… so many of these things are straight up idolatry. I have found comfort and solace in something that will always return void. It satisfies for the moment, but never for long. Then I come back to it again and again. So, God has been using this program to remind me of just how dependent I’ve been on myself, the world and all it’s temporary fixes. It’s hard to admit, but I think that it is an incredibly powerful place to be. When you have stripped all of the usual fixes and become aware of the habits you didn’t know existed, God has so much room to grow in us, new habits.

what thing is holding you back? Mine has been poor eating habits and quick emotional fixes by grabbing a soda or a quick and easy meal… without thinking ahead or making preparations I just go through the motions. The discipline I’m forced into with whole30 reminds me of how much I thrive with boundaries. It’s NOT easy, but it’s worth it.

This day, 6 years ago, Nick flew back to Amarillo, while Ava and I stayed in Ft. Worth. We were alone for 2 weeks and those 2 weeks forced me to trust the Lord in more ways than I could even know then. So, hard things are ok. We do hard things because they make us better, they draw us nearer to the Father and they create character in us.

Have an incredible week, folks. Do the hard things! Set the proper boundaries for yourself and see how you grow. Ironic, perhaps. Worth it, absolutely!


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