Whole30/September Reflections Day 6

Well, I have almost made it through a Saturday at home without some sort of sugary/soda/snacky issue. It’s been a wonderful day at home, with nothing to do, but whatever we want. I’ve had football on since 12:30pm and the girls have been so good today, as we’ve been relaxed and fully rested. I’m thankful for this day of sabbath we’ve had. Nick was gone all day for a ministry meeting and then a rehearsal for GodZon at church. The only thing that could have made our first Saturday off would be if he had been home. 🙂

I cooked up some sausage, eggs and mini pancakes for the girls. I had some hash brown potatoes with mine. We didn’t get hungry until after 1:00, so we all had a light lunch. I had a baked potato with leftover pulled pork, and veggies on top. Tonight, (I’m still waiting for Nick to get home from what is now a 3 hour run through, thank all the people that serve in your children’s ministry, parents…they put in a lot of time) I’m making chicken and bacon lettuce wraps. Maybe we’ll eat before 10:00 lol

Tomorrow we have our Sunday services and then my parents are coming over for lunch before we all go to the church picnic. We’re having steak, baked potatoes and salad for lunch, all compliant! Then we’ll be careful and do a bunless burger or hotdog at the picnic and I’ll bring us some fruit and plantain chips. 🙂 planning ahead is the way to go around here and I’m getting better at it!

Today was a reminder that rest is good. Space for our minds and hearts to breathe is so necessary. We cannot be creative or energized in anything we do if we are not rested or given the space and time to breathe, relax, and allow ourselves to just be. Life is beginning all over again for me in many ways. My mothering feels refreshed as I’ve had so much margin today to just be a mom and relax with my girls. My home is ordered, yet we made messes and had fun today because we had the time and space to do so. My heart and ready and excited for services tomorrow and leading our people in worship. I’m excited for all God is doing through this huge schedule/life change. It is so important and such a huge blessing for my family and I. I’m so thankful!

So, tomorrow is day 7. My non-scale victories are that I am not anxious about wanting a soda or something sweet at certain times of the day. Water is satisfying again. My skin is looking more clear, my patience seems even a tiny bit more accessible. I am still catching up on sleep and I still get a headache daily, sometimes I think it is a sore tooth of mine that has had a lot of work done, but none the less, I feel as though my body is truly detoxing from all of the sugar and carbs, dairy, etc.

For now, I’m celebrating another day of making the right choice and enjoying how amazing this day of Sabbath rest has been. I’m so so thankful!

How was your Saturday??



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