Whole30/September Reflections Day 5

Hello Friday!! I was a bit nervous about the weekend/days off, etc. My tendencies are to “have fun” on the weekends and not be so “strict” on the days that we don’t have a structured routine. But, here we are and day 5, I still want a huge vanilla latte. Huge.

Food wise, I had a protein rich breakfast and enjoyed it! We were at Walmart around lunch and as I was thinking I found some turkey bites(fairly compliant) and some pistachios. I got an unsweet coconut tea on the way home. I stocked us up on fruit, some img_1359proteins, eggs, etc. Stayed in budget and felt super good about my basket. 🙂 non-scale victory-self esteem. We haven’t eaten out (not even sonic snack) all week. Saving money, healthier options…yay.

My brain is re-learning how to not crave something sweet after a meal, needing a coke or snack during kid pick up time every afternoon, thinking simply for meals, not overthinking all that has to happen for dinner to be on our plates. We had hamburger patties and green beans one night last week and it was fine! Tonight, and I didn’t get a picture, but made “tostones” basically they are fried plantains. 😀 delicious! I topped a few of them with homemade ranch, left over pulled pork, lettuce, avacado, and red onions. They were so good. Last night we had similar meal, but in a bowl. We had lettuce, red onion, avacado, pulled pork and “awesome sauce” from a food blogger I follow. It was all compliant and really good!

I have been sleeping better. I still get headaches every day in some form, but I can tell they are lessening. I do have more energy later in the day. The mornings are tough though without caffeine. My skin is clear and brighter than it had been.

I did try making myself and almond milk latte. It wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t awesome either haha. 🙂 trying to like unsweetened coffee and just don’t like it.

We are collecting items for Mended Little Hearts of Ft. Worth and it is so sweet to see who gets involved and it means so much! I love it so much and it blesses my heart. It truly blesses me so deeply to know people still love and remember my boy. The further away we get from his time here on earth, it seems as though maybe it doesn’t matter anymore, but I know that isn’t true. He mattered. What we do in honor of him matters as well. ❤ If you want to join in, go to the contact page on my site and just shoot me a message! logo-cc

I have realized that I struggle with being still, resting and having time to “waste” so having more time on the weekends for rest and margin will be interesting to see how it works for me 🙂 I’m looking forward to having the option to not do anything Saturday. 🙂 What is sabbath for me and what does that look like? Will I play with the girls more without the stupid fear that I should be doing something else? Will I watch as many movies or football games as I want? Will I get all the laundry done? Probably all of those things. My work tends to be creative, planning, communicating and taking care of multiple things at a time, so I feel as though sabbath for me will most likely look like space. Space to do whatever my soul needs. That will look like many different things, but I know it will look lovely. I’m so thankful.

green wooden chair on white surface

I’m holding on this weekend and not giving up! Whole30 doesn’t have to be hard, but learning new things and changes old ways can be. Day at a time.

Happy Weekend y’all!



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