Whole30/September Reflections Day 2

I decided I would journal blog everyday for accountability and a place to document my days. This is something that I believe will help me in my Whole30, but it will also help me in some disciplines I’m working towards and helps stretch my brain.

Today was good! I made a basic breakfast of scrambled eggs and chicken/apple sausage.

It was simple, but good! I brought provisions for work, a banana, clementines, apple and an RX bar. I brought my lunch today as well. I grilled a bunch of stuff last night, so I had some smoked sausage and roasted potatoes. I ate my RX bar during kid pick up and it saved me. Lots of water. I can’t do black coffee, so I just don’t drink any. Tonight we had burger patties, green beans, left over roasted potatoes and the girls had some rice with theirs. I finished the day with a banana. All the ice water with lemon. Overall the day was good. I had non-scale victories such as more focus and energy, not breaking any rules for convenience and I kept it simple. No need to fuss over fancy recipes. Lean meats, greens and healthy fats, for the win.


This month, as many know, would have been Noah’s 6th birthday. We have decided to collect items for Mended Little Hearts Ft Worth. They do bravery bags for each family. In the bags are various items to help them in their stay in the CICU at Cook Children’s. So, we are collecting items. This is something we did in the beginning right after he died and decided this year would be a good year to do it again. If you would like to donate items, just let me know!

Personal tissues
Coloring books (child and adult)
Crossword puzzles books, Sudoko
Children’s book
Blank journals
Lip balm, chapstick
Travel-sized hand sanitizer
Travel-sized toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, body wash)
Snacks (crackers, candy, nothing that has short shelf-life)
Pens, pencils
Hot chocolate packets
Deck of cards
Card games


Thanks for always being such a blessing to me, remembering our boy and loving my family. I appreciate it so much.


Short post for tonight. Day 2 in the books!


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