Whole30/September Reflections Day 1


I am going to go ahead and journal here on my blog for this month of September. Nick and I are doing a Whole 30 this month. September, as I wrote about in my previous post, brings with it a lot of freshness for me personally. Every year for 5 years I have reflected upon September of 2012 with a sensitive spirit and wet eyes. That month (that 5 months) did so much work on me, but there is something sweet about September that I just love.

So, this month, as we re-set our health, our bodies, minds and hearts, I want to record it down, so when I feel myself slipping I will have a home base to return and refocus.

I know that not too many people even read these posts, which is fine, but I do appreciate the accountability it brings me. This next month of posts is part of a goal I have to write more often and with more purpose, as well as share our health journey and have a place to explore my struggles, successes and ideas.

With that, I give you Day 1 of my Whole 30

-got to sleep in a bit, which was nice. Starting on a slow morning where I had time/room to make a solid breakfast was great. I made a sweet potato/veggie/egg scramble with some bacon on the side. Lemon water and then I brewed some coffee and tried some img_12961img_1298Hazelnut NutPods. It wasn’t too bad! I’ll adjust to unsweetened coffee in time, but it was creamy and frothy. I had a banana and a clementine mid morning. I was full enough around lunch that I didn’t make lunch. I had some more clementines and then made a cold snack plate after the park. I took some compliant turkey lunch meat, pepperoni, veggies and ranch that I made last night. I did eat some plantain chips. I gave myself a portion and put them away. It was a great afternoon pick me up. Tonight we are grilling burgers and having them bun-less. Walmart has a brand of grass-fed organic beef that is tasty. We’ll have steak fries with them tonight and be so happy 🙂 haha. Eating clean isn’t the end of the world. I also had some sparkling water. That is one of those thing you either tolerate or hate. It’s not a soda, it’s not just water… it’s a weird mix and as Jamie Golden, of the PopCast says, “it tastes like a fruity burp”… but when I’m not drinking sodas, but want a bubbly drink, it’s nice. There are tons of brands now days. 🙂img_1311

img_1309-I plan on making some salmon cakes from the Whole 30 book tonight for lunches I can take to work this week. We are laying low during this month of eating out, so being intentional and simple is important to me as we tackle this 30.

-I’m going to plug my phone in, in the bathroom and not scroll before bed. Instead, I have an incredible book I’m reading currently, She Is Yours- Trusting God as You Raise the Girly He Gave You. It is by Jonathan and Wynter Pitts. SO good and I’m just finished with the introduction.

img_1310-I will do some self care tonight, since usually I do that on Sundays and we were busy yesterday.

This weekend will be a huge first for our family. It will be the first Saturday in 8 years that one of us isn’t serving somehow for a church service. Our plan is to do some fun with the kids on Saturdays to come. This first Saturday is reserved for lots of rest, snuggles and just being home together. I look forward to how this day each week will enhance our family and our routine. Sabbath rest is something God has given us to cherish and cherish it we will.

I guess that’s it for Day 1. Day 1 is always simple and fairly easy. I know the real fight comes with the work week and when things get busy.

The other thing I wanted to address for myself this month were some things that God is doing in me. How do I slow down with him? How do I keep from only serving God and not enjoying him? How can my relationship with God not always immediately make me think of my job(worship pastor), my ministry (worship leading), events/series/set lists coming up. So, what does September have ahead for me as I try to separate myself and Jesus from ALL of the other things. Does that make sense? This blog isn’t just a place I want to write things that can “help”, I want to celebrate things here, explore and struggle through things in this space… that is what it originally was, a place to share/struggle/explore. So here we are again. #findingtheheart in September looks like finding my own heart, nurturing it and being kind to myself, praying that in turn I will be kinder to my person, my girls and my team/co-workers/etc.

What are some things that help you in this? Self care? Intentional things you do that keep you well/healthy?Share away!

Today the girls (Ava had a friend over) all colored and I joined in. We listened to Disney songs and had a ball. Take some time to have fun, think little, be creative, etc.

Have a great week folks! Share any tips, tricks, encouragement or advice! Would love to hear from you!

Find the heart in your every day life,


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