Summer Reading

Here is my list of books I’m wanting to read this summer!

I would love suggestions for fiction.

I tend to read more non-fiction as I am learning to pastor, lead a worship team, etc. Always wanting to learn more and usually using content for growing a team as well as my family, myself, etc.

So shoot me ideas for fiction!

I’m currently reading

Own Your Life
by: Sally Clarkson

Buy it HERE!It is on sale at Barnes and Noble for $4

So far this book has been refreshing and a great reminder that our lives are full of our own decisions. It is encouraging and full of conviction, but also great reminders of faith and God’s provision.

Here are the ones I am wanting to read/finish/have on the list:

Emotionally Healthy Woman
by: Geri Scazzero
Buy it HERE! It is on sale on for $10.99

This book is a sister book to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. That book is incredible and it really changed my focus. It helped me understand more about how healthy emotions make spirituality less of a battle in my mind. Healthy is more than just feeling good physically. It has to do with our emotions and mind. Looking forward to this feminine take on it.
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality was great, you can find it HERE.

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You
by: Tony Reinke
Buy it HERE! It is currently $10.99 on

This book has an incredible forward by John Piper. I have read that much of it and have started the first chapter. So far it is SO convicting. So encouraging though. Lots of help and good encouragement on positive phone usage and things to watch.

Make it Happen
by: Lara Casey
Buy it HERE! has it for sale for $5.99

I have read a little of this book and it wasn’t the right season for me at the time to be reading it. So I shelled it. I feel as though now is the time to utilize this message and so I’m excited to get to finishing this one!

And the sister book

by: Lara Casey
Buy it HERE! has it for $13.49 right now

Looking forward to this beautiful book. Intentionality is always something that draws me in. So I’m looking forward to diving into this one and it is just so pretty! 🙂

That is about all I’m going to be able to get through with all of the stuff going on and things I want to do with my kids!

If any of you have read these or end up reading them, let me know what you think!
Looking forward to getting through all of them and maybe doing some deeper discussions on them!

Happy Reading and Happy Summer!

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#findingtheheart in every day life,


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