Be the Heart

#findingtheheart was such a fun and beautiful way to celebrate “heart month”! I loved every single post and every single heart that was shared. I loved your stories and the ways God blessed you by sending you hearts in the obvious places and in the not so obvious ones. I so enjoyed every single one and I want to thank you for sharing!

If you click on the #findingtheheart page on my website, you’ll get to see every heart that has been posted with the #findingtheheart tag! The original hearts that were shared 4 years ago are there as well! I just love them all and I am so thankful for the stories with each one.

Moving forward from a month of remembering and honoring my boy means less splurge meals, more focus on routine, good habits, and normal life. But, what I have found and am wanting to keep exploring is that, it is in these mundane momIMG_9280.jpgents and regular life seasons that we actually find the heart.

So how are you finding the heart in your daily life? I have found that extra slow morning snuggles with my little, nightly chats and prayers with the big, and texts from the hubs are some of the hearts I am finding these days. What hearts do you find in your life, just in the every day? Is there a song you love when it comes on the radio at the right time? Maybe you have a sweet friend who is always there for you. Perhaps it is in the silence during an evening walk. Whatever the heart is, be looking.

I have found that when I least expect it, I find the heart. When I’m trying so hard, I tend to get frustrated that I don’t see it. Finding the heart is a gift. I hope and pray that you see his heart for you in the every day. You are special and such a gift to your Father. Perhaps you are the heart for someone else. Be the light, be the love…

Be the heart.

You’re so loved!


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