The last 5 years have been full of many things. 5 years ago on February 22, we began a journey that was one we never asked for or intended to start. The journey of grieving the death of a child. You can find our whole story on Our Story page.

What started as a fun way to celebrate our son and 1 year of being in heaven, ended up being such an incredible blessing to me. I asked that people27544745_10101107533850850_7416694872934047671_n share a heart in honor of our son, Noah. They could find a heart wherever they wanted and share it. Some found clip art hearts, some found hearts in nature, some found them in places they see every single day but hadn’t noticed until they were asked to be on the look out. We gathered all of these sweet hearts and notes of love and encouragement and treasured them. One year of grieving and growing and we were able to find joy and celebrate.

Fast forward 5 years and I am asking again for hearts. This time there is a less needy heart under the surface. But, the sentiment is still the same. I have discovered that when I am actively looking for the heart, in whatever situation I may be in, I will always find it. So I ask, all of the new friends and faces who have joined our journey, to share their hearts. It has been a huge blessing, yet again.

This year is a bit different though. I have begun to write a new chapter in this journey of grief. I am beginning a journey of literally writing new chapters. If you have been around for the entirety of our journey you  know that I kept a blog to keep everyone updated on Noah and his prognosis, asking for prayers, etc. I have come to the end of the road with that particular blog, that place, even that kind of blog site. It’s time for a change. It is also time for me to take seriously the actual passion that is brewing underneath the surface of everyday “momming”, working, living… and that is sharing.

I want this new space to be one of sharing, teaching, encouraging and equipping people, probably mostly women, to carry out their calling, even in the midst of dark seasons, tragedy, loss, grief, hardship and trial. For when we can worship in the waiting, the darkness, the loneliness, we get to know the Father. We end up finding the heart.

We find our heart. We find His heart. We find the heart of the matter, the home, the family, the life we all desire. When we are really looking for it, we will always see it. Maybe we’ll see it in the oddest of places, like a Pediatric ICU or a funeral home, a homeless shelter or a local church, school classroom, work cubicle and kitchen table.

Join me on a journey to finding the heart in every day life. I imagine it is much easier to see the heart when we are reminded to look.


This is not just something that I came up with to fill a void in my heart during a month that can be somewhat lonely. This truly is a movement of my heart that I want to share with you because I know we all want to be seen. We want to be known. We want to know that we are loved. When we find hearts, wherever and whenever it may be, I pray that they are a divine reminder of whose you are, where you are going and who is leading the way. These hearts aren’t just for me. They are for YOU.

I am excited to embark on this new journey of sharing my heart, my life and my love for Jesus with you. Each of us have a story, a testimony, a life to live before others as proof of grace. We get to witness each other in and out of seasons, growing, learning and pressing in to all God has for us.

I hope you can find this place to be a haven for your heart and soul. Pull up a seat on the couch with a blanket and a cup of coffee and rest awhile. Be encouraged and know you are not alone in any of this. Whether you find yourself grieving the loss of a child to simply just struggling to figure out what’s for dinner… I hope you know that God places us in each other’s lives for all the things. Let’s do life together!

Let’s find the heart together,


He loved us, not because we were lovable, but because He is love. – C.S. Lewis


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